October // Walter Martin

It is so incredibly refreshing. Its an indie track wrapped in a show tune inspired by folk. What's not to like?? You may have ran into Walter Martin before under the guise of the Walkmen of Jonathan Fire*Eater, so this solo outing won't come as much of a surprise. Reminiscent of Orlando Weeks' solo efforts... Continue Reading →

Apple // Oh Joy

I don't like spiders. This release is amazing though. Yes, it's slightly older than most (2017) so it's not quite cutting edge but I really love this slow burner. Oh Joy are Editors in a parallel universe where they didn't get terrible and developed into something that you could listen to without wanting to cancel... Continue Reading →

Who’s My Eugene? // Tropical Fuck Storm

Quirky and close with a great harmonised chorus. It makes you want to look over your shoulder, there's something very unsettling to it. Their new(ish) album 'Braindrops' is streaming now, check it out and engage in some introspection. It reminds me of early Warpaint, Cats Eyes and An Experiment On a Bird In the Air... Continue Reading →

Disarray // Preoccupations

So, continuing the 80s theme that started yesterday, meet 'Preoccupations'. The reverb laden track could be from an 80s action movie, played over a montage. I think the reverb is essential for this, the whole dark aesthetic really works and is really reminiscent of 'JAWS' (the band not the shark, or the film as the... Continue Reading →

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