Tyrant // Pozzi

Bob Dylans protest music has had far reaching consequences and evoked discussion and change. This has inspired many new artists to fight for what they believe in and I think it is really admirable for anyone to stand up for what they believe. Saying that, Pozzi has managed to do this but do it with... Continue Reading →

Sally Suffocate // Spooky Goose

Squeeze. Instantly thinking of Squeeze and Ian Dury and the Bockheads, as well as one of my favourites Hatcham Social. I love these downplayed slightly unhinged dark songs. The lyrics are class, the guitars are so incessant and Gang of Four that it's just genius. There is something so relaxing in the matter of fact... Continue Reading →

Old New Love // Chork

This world that we live in has become strange and unpredictable. Chork has harnessed the idea that you can still be in love in this socially disconnected world, whether it is reciprocated or not. A song about loss, about being apart, about love, it's got it all here. It doesn't dwell on unhappiness, infact it... Continue Reading →

Stranger Danger // Lijo

Simplistic perfection indie pop, everything has a purpose and reason to be there. When you stumble upon something like this it's great. From the quirky beginnings to the strange rave-esque sounding organ mid section, this song makes you forget your cares for 3 minutes. So, it seems like Lijo is the modern iteration of Kate... Continue Reading →

Reckless // Lisa Kenny

A bit rockier than her usual folk vibe, I'm really taken by how different Lisa Kenny's latest offering is, her vocals are really, really strong. I'd really want to see her perform live just to experience it live. Secondly, and most importantly as this always impresses me, the track was entirely recorded by multi-instrumentalist Lisa.... Continue Reading →

Trim the Roses // Hush Mozey

Hush Mozey, one of the seemingly endless run of amazing Indie to be coming out of Bristol, have got a new single Trim the Roses. It's a chilled number, The View and The Coral come to mind but to be honest, Hush Mozey put out very varied tracks. I'd say a massive stand out for... Continue Reading →

Tabloid Newspaper // Hotel Lux

Hotel Lux are brilliant, saw them live last year and it was intense. They already have a massive loyal following and I think that you'll be either a massive lover or you just don't get it. They are the spiritual successors to The Rakes and Art Brut in my opinion. Telling stories of nights out... Continue Reading →

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