I Feel No Pain // Rénovations

Hello again, I hope you all are doing well during this prolonged stint of being trapped indoors. It's not all doom and gloom though. For your consideration, here are Rénovations all the way from sunny Edinburgh. Although in reality all three are from France, Italy and Romania which seem a lot more exotic - anyway,... Continue Reading →

Interview // Edge of Desire

Massive guitar fuzz with a pounding bassline, just what you need for a Friday night right? Edge of Desire hail from Guildford and create huge atmospheric sounds, they bring to mind newer Muse, Radiohead and in vocal style a bit of Wild Beasts - so all round a really tight mix of well thought out... Continue Reading →

Coffee Break // Tom Spencer

What do you get if you mix The Cribs, The Libertines and Pavement? Something that closely resembles Tom Spencer. Proper rock that with a sense of angst that is a strangely missing from indie recently. There are some real standouts on the new album Liverpool, the titular track being a slow ballad, that is showcasing... Continue Reading →

Chameleon // Seven Spies

Fuzz, big massive fuzz. Awesome walls of sound and layers and layers of guitar, vocals, keys and loops. It's like the first time you heard 'New Born' but with a sinister edge. The most obvious comparison would be Muse, the massive but very loose guitar work is Matt Bellamy all over but there is so... Continue Reading →

Fractal Pterodactyl // GrassRoof

Its great when you come across something thats just purely rock, like when I first heard Wolfmother or Biffy Clyro. GrassRoof have made a slowly creeping rock anthem, it gets under your skin with its creeping murky guitar, reminds me of the album Siamese Dream from Smashing Pumpkins. The Ozzy style vocals are so well... Continue Reading →

Albatross // Animal Ghosts

I wanted to share the song Repress with you from the new album by Animal Ghosts but unfortunately I can only embed Spotify and Bandcamp links so my second choice (though it was close) is Albatross. Find the new album here, I really recommend you to download it. Anyway, so I have a massive soft... Continue Reading →

Band of the Week // King Nun

I can't believe that I haven't added this band earlier, I have been listening to them for ages. King Nun's album Mass is one of those albums that you think you have always had in your life. It's got a weird familiarity to it, it's not like anything else but you just feel it's been... Continue Reading →

Chicken Head // Deal Casino

Time to listen to a huge dirty bass riff. Now, I don't know if this has anything to do with 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' but I really think that this sums up the feeling of being downtrodden and left alone. Absolutely great powerful slice of Indie Rock that evokes thoughts of (and I... Continue Reading →

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